Download Easily Save Microsoft Documents Freeware

Adobe Save As XML PlugIn

Adobe Save As XML PlugIn is a simple yet powerful utility that is developed as a plug-In for Acrobat 5.0 that allows users to save time by repurposing content. Users can now easily save content into XML, HTML, XHTML or plain text from a tagged Adobe

Free DocusTree  v.2.0

With Free DocusTree you can easily organize your documents, daily activities, calendar and webpages and navigate to them instantly. Access your documents, activities and webpages by clicking on the corresponding node of the tree structure on the

Auction Explorer for eBay  v.1.1.7

Auction Explorer is the first and only Internet Explorer Add-on for eBay. Now you have access to the advanced eBay search features right from within Internet Explorer. Easily save and navigate searches on your terms.

Creatve Commercial Capital FREE PDF MAKER  v.1.0

Brought to you by Creative Commercial Capital, this software is perfect for commercial and mortgage brokers. Easily Create PDF Documents in Seconds with this FREE PDF Creator Software. Easy to use yet very powerful features.100% FREE with no spyware Free PDF Creator  v.1.0

Brought to you by, this software is perfect for vreating pure and perfect PDF docs. Easily Create PDF Documents in Seconds with this FREE PDF Creator Software. Easy to use yet very powerful features.100% FREE with no spyware

WirelessKeyView  v.1.26

It allows you to easily save all keys to text/html/xml file, or copy a single key to the clipboard.WirelessKeyView doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. Just copy the executable file (WirelessKeyView.exe) to any folder you

Blogger for Word

Blogger for Word makes it easy for you to save a Word document as a post to your Blogger blog with only a few clicks, and without even opening up a browser. Blogger for Word makes it even easier to express yourself online, save your documents to the

Foxit Reader SDK ActiveX  v.2.0.0219

Foxit Reader SDK (ActiveX) is an easy to use software component that allows developers to quickly add PDF displaying capability to the application. Foxit Reader SDK (ActiveX Version) allows your application to easily display PDF documents with high

IFind  v.1

iFind 1 is an effective document management software which can easily & effortlessly index documents (pdf, doc, html), music files (mp3, wav), executable applications and other files in one click. You can access them by simply searching for them

Poker Tournament Hero for Mac OS  v.1.1

Easy to use control panel for the tournament director. - Keep track of blinds, antes, chips, rebuys, addons, breaks, players, table layouts, payouts & more. - Single or dual monitor/display support. - Easily save multiple configuration files. - Use

SafariRestore  v.5.5.1

SafariRestore is a handy extension that will easily save and restore all your opened tabs and windows. With the help of SafariRestore you can quickly manage sessions just as you would on your desktop.

SVGedit for Safari  v.1.0

SVGedit is a simple but very efficient Safari extension that will provide users with the facility of painting and creating various image files right in their browser. You can quickly and easily save your creations as SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics)

PDF Converter - Developer Pro  v.4.5

With PDF Converter - Developer Pro you'll be able to easily generate PDF documents using it like a specialized printer. PDF Convertor can be easily integrated into your application development. Because PDF Convertor doesn't rely on external

PDF-JRasterizer  v.New

PDF-JRasterizer is an utility designed using the Java programming language to act as a pdf2png / pdf2jpeg GUI. It was built to be a light and specialized front-end for's pdf-renderer. Now you can easily save your pdf files as images.

Foxit Reader for Symbian UIQ 3.X  v.V1.0Build0910

Foxit Reader for Symbian UIQ 3.X is a powerful free PDF reader that allows users to easily view PDF documents on mobile phones incorporating UIQ 3.X on Symbian OS. Building on Foxit Embedded PDF SDK, Foxit's new PDF rendering engine for mobile

JPDFAssemble  v.1.60

jPDFAssemble is a Java™? library to assemble PDF files. jPDFAssemble can combine, merge or split PDF documents. jPDFAssemble also allows to add or manipulate bookmarks in PDF documents. The library can save resulting documents to the local file

Windows Forms Toolkit  v.0.1 Alpha

Windows Forms Toolkit is a package that includes controls and tools to enable users to work easily with Microsoft Windows Forms. Available controls : Extenders: · BalloonTipExtender: provide a extender to show balloon for TextBoxBase

JCodeBase  v.1.1beta

this software eases the way of storing and retreaving self developed code parts. The developer (JCodeBase user) can easily save his/her codes and retrieve them. The specialty of JCodeBase is that it uses java and derby db so it can work every where

PhpMyCatalog:Automatic Disk Cataloguer  v.0.4.1

phpMyCatalog catalogues the contents of your CD, DVD or any directory automatically. It stores the data and then you can search for specific files or other contents to easily locate your documents,music, your huge CD

RSane Publisher  v.0.96b

RSane Publisher allows a team of authors to easily maintain shared documents. Publisher speeds authoring of large structured documents, especially technical, business, and reference materials. Runs on Java, JBoss, and

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